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Night Tours

Visiting Tokyo with a limited amount of time and want to shoot the best locations near you? Ever wanted to take beautiful blue hour photos but weren’t sure how to set up your camera? 

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Tokyo Night Photos is now offering you the chance to enhance your blue hour photography skills with personalized night tours in Tokyo! Popular locations include but are not limited to:


Tokyo Tower and City View

Rainbow Bridge with Tokyo Tower and City Skyline

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku)

Mt Fuji with Shinjuku Skyscrapers

Sumida River Light Trails

Yokohama, Minato Mirai

Yokohama Landmark Tower


Don’t see a place you want shoot? No problem - just request a location!

Completely customizable tours, one-on-one coaching, guiding to location, composition framing, camera settings (and why we use those settings), photoshop processing tips, etc.


Make your visit a memorable one and contact me to discuss your requests and goals!


In March 2019 I visited Tokyo and Kyoto to time the blossoms of the cherry trees. While researching photography opportunities for these 2 cities, I found Duane's website, which had fantastic photos of Tokyo at night. I assumed that these photos were taken by him as he was visiting Tokyo, but when I contacted him, I found out he actually lives in Tokyo. 

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As we ascended the 52 floors to the observation deck, I was glad that I had a local guide/photographer who knows the lay of the land, because he was able to lead me to the right spot in the observation deck, bypassing HUGE long lines. If I had attempted to do this on my own, I would have wasted several hours just to get in the right lines, to buy the right tickets, then to get in the right line for the elevator ride. Duane had a pass that put us WAY ahead of others and saved me 500 Yen for the elevator ticket.

We then spent 2 and a half hours photographing the "Blue Hour" over Tokyo. Duane made sure that I had set up correctly and in the right place in order to get the photos that I wanted. He coached me through his technique of photographing during the "Blue Hour", which paid off when I was by myself in Kyoto. 


Duane brought several items that I needed in order to get the right exposures, like black towels to reduce the reflection from the glass. Afterwards he took me up to the very top roof of the Roppongi Tower, where you have an unobstructed view of the Tokyo skyline, ie NO GLASS. What a view with the wind blowing in your face. 


When I got home, Duane already had emailed me his technique for post processing the photos in order to get the full effect of what I saw from 52 floors above Tokyo. I strongly recommend Duane to anyone who wants to photograph Tokyo at night. 


He offers many other areas of Tokyo to photograph, but I chose the skyline which included the Tokyo Tower for my photo and I am glad I did. 

Dee - Nebraska, USA

If you are interested in night photography, I strongly encourage you to participate in Duane's Blue Hour Session.

Prior to the session Duane will explain how to prepare the necessary tools, which is essential for taking photos during the session.

While taking shots I learned how to adjust my settings for precise exposure, shutter speed, and white balances. After the session I also learned about the detailed adjustments for Photoshop which will make your photos look like the pros!

Highly recommended and your photo skills will be light years ahead of others!

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Joe - California, USA

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